Snowball Battle


Snows a lot and the weather is quite cold out of the side. However, Billy and Bobby bored friends try to play snow balls, out side. If you want to be a partner of their fun, proceed immediately to the per seat of your computer and then, join a relentless snowball battle.

After loading the game, continue you with "PLAY NOW" button and select one of the characters named Billy and Bobby. If you want to pass the next coming wherefores, without waiting them, use "SKIP" button. The game is played with "MOUSE". After adjusting your angle and speed and make fire by clicking left.

Let's give some hints about the game: In the course of the game, you can display your remaining spirits or your opponent's lifeblood, from the indicators located on the top of the characters found in the game. Besides, you can earn money through your defeated opponents. With the money you have earned from the game, you can make some important improvements and you can purchase the extra bonuses, among the chapters. You can make powerful shots and can beat your opponent much more easily, by selecting the types of bonuses found at the bottom of the screen.

In the course of the game, you can turn on-off the music sounds of the game, with buttons located at the left corner side of the screen; on the other hand, with right corner side buttons, you can start over the current section from very beginning. Remember to browse our websites for the most beautiful twosome player games. Have you a good time!