Ice Run: Rumble Sushi 3D


Get ready for a wonderful 3D race among the ice! You will start a difficult and strict race with small cute penguins and on this icy way, you'll blow like a wind! If you're ready, Let's start!

The game is so realistic that its size is a little bit big. For this reason it can take a few minutes to load the game. After loading the game click on "PLAY" button and choose a chapter. If it is the first time that you play this game, only the first chapter will be allowed. You can start the game ater you choose your chapter. The game controls are below:

Acceleration: "UPPER ARROW KEY" or "W"
Break: "LOWER ARROW KEY" or "S"
Fire: "SPACE-BAR" or "CTRL"
Pause: "P"

There are some tips that you should pay attention during the game: First of them is, the more yellow stars you pick up, the much points you get. One another is blue stars. If you get blue stars, you can shoot your rivals and eliminate them for a short time. Your rivals can shoot you too. The colorful parts of the way give you a chance to speed up your penguin.

During the game, you can follow how many penguins you shoot, what your place is, in which tour you are and what your speed is by the indicator at the upper left-hand corner of the screen. After finishing the first chapter you can start the next chapter by "NEXT" button without any waiting or you can play the same chapter again by "RETRY" button. Take a look at our website for the best 3D games. Have fun!