Avatar: Elemental Escape


Avatar Aang and his friends started to fight against the cruel King of Fire to save the world. Would you like to join them in this forcible adventure? If your answer is yes, here is the game!

After the game is loaded click on "PLAY" button and choose the level of difficulties. To choose expert mode you need to complete other modes. The game controls are below:

Special Skill: "SPACE-BAR"
Chancing the character: "Z,X"

Let's make it easier by giving you some tips about the game. You need to benefit from all characters to make progress in the chapter. Doors are opened by handles or buttons on the floor. Fire damages your characters for this reason, be very careful against the fire. Each character has its own qualities as explained at the following:

Aang: He is known as a 12-year-old boy but in fact he is 112. Because he has stayed frozen in the iceberg for 100 years. He is fond of joy and he likes spending time with his friends. He is one of the rare characters who links the real world and the souls world. He loves Katara and he can jump high.

Katara: She is the water-bender. She tries not to show her feelings for Aang but at the same time she doesn't leave Aang alone. Her mother was killed buy the fire nation and after that bad event katara started to feel herself as a mother. She can attack against to the enemies so close and efficiently.

Toph Bei Fong: He is 12 years old and blind. In fact he is a member of a rich family but he joined land-bending wars secretly and educated himself. He became the best land-bender of the world although he is blind and he is also the one who can bend metals in the world.

During the game, by "MENU" button which is at the upper right-hand corner of the screen, you can pause the game, change settings of music or sound and turn back to main menu. We advise you to have a look on our website for all other avatar games.