Fire and Water 6


We are in presence of you with the sixth series of Fireboy and Watergirl game which is ravaged the game market, with its huge fanbase, since it was appeared on the market. You will be awaiting for a brand-new chapters and adventures in this game. As always, if you wish you can play the game, by yourself or together with your friends.

After the game is loaded, enter to the main menu with "PLAY" button. After clicking on the same button again, select your section, and then, initiate the game immediately. The first three episodes are the education department, and always, allow you to learn the game. Your purpose in the game is to go out from there with your character, by collecting the diamonds founded in the section. The key combinations are as follows:

Move: " W,A,S,D" keys.

Move: "ARROW" keys.

There are some points which you need to pay attention in the game: Fireboy can not enter into the water; however can pass the through the lava, as to the Watergirl can enter into the water; but can not pass through the lava. In addition, die both of them in the green swamp. Therefore, be wary of green marshes. The sooner you finish the game, the more points you will receive. Do not forget to help each other among the characters.

In due course of the game, you can respectively change the graphic settings and can turn on-off the music and sounds of the game with buttons founded on the top right corner side of the game window screen. The other series of the game are available in our website. You can reach the whole series of the game, by typing the series name on the searching place. Enjoy your staying!