Stickman Downhill

Score: 3.89


We are in presence of you, with the best adventurous game of recent times. On the one hand, you can ride your bicycle and take part in crazy races on the mountain roads; on the other hand, you can decorate your races with acrobatic movements. If you are ready, let's begin!

After loading the game, continue you with "START GAME" button. Thereafter, select a bicycle and proceed by using "RACE" button. Then, you can initiate the game, after choosing your section. If you are playing the game for the first time, you have to play the first section and with the given bicycle to you, at the beginning of the game. Your purpose in the game is to complete the races, by making acrobatic movements, with your bicycle. The controls of the are as follows:

Acceleration: "UP ARROW" key.
Brake: "DOWN ARROW" key.
Balance: "LEFT, RIGHT ARROW" keys.
Jumping: "SPACE-BAR" key.
Reset: "R" key.
Superman: "X" key.
No Hands: "Z" key.
Nothing: "Z+X" keys.

The more you make acrobatic moves, the more amount of money you can earn, during the game. Whether you can improve your bicycle or can purchase a better new bicycle, by using money that you put aside, in the game. In addition, if you are able to win the medals found in the "ACHIEVEMENTS" menu, you will get the extra money, without doubt.

In the course of the game, you can respectively, turn on-off the music sounds of the game, can access to the help menu, can pause the game or return to the garage. Do not forget to add our websites to your browser favorites. Please continue you follow us, for the most beautiful games. Enjoy your staying!

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