Water Buboy


Are you ready to become a hero? One day, in far away mountain village, the volcano explodes and the people of the village begin to escape from there. Here, you need to come into the play. If you trust yourself to extinguish the fire splashed into the village, with a great water hose. Here you go!

If you use a low processor computer, we advise to adjust the settings in the low-level graphic. After loading the game, a short introduction part will be opened. If you want to move to the main menu of the game, without watching the introduction part, use "SKIP" button. Continue you, by using "PLAY" button found in the main menu. And then, select a section. If you are playing the game for the first time, only the first section of the game will be accessible. Your purpose in the game is to extinguish the fire come out in the houses. You can make this real, by using the "MOUSE". Take aim towards the place where you would like to house the water, set the energy and click-left.

There are some important points that you are need to pay attention related to the game: The most important of them is the amount of your water found in the tank. You can follow the remaining amount of your water, by using "WATER" indicator located at the bottom of the screen. In addition, if you are able to bring the boxes onto the buttons of the game, the closed areas will be opened. You can extinguish the fire, in the east way, by using the irradiation portals found in some chapters.

In the course of the game, you can turn on-off the sounds and music of the game, can start over the current section from the very beginning, can move to the upper menu of the game, with buttons located in the right corner side of the screen. To move to the section of the game, you can use "NEXT LEVEL" button. If you are not able to be successful to move to the next section, you can start from the scratch, by using "RETRY" button. Wish you great luck in this challenging battle!