We are in presence of you with a quite difficult board game that is not as easy as it looks. You need to push the limits of your intelligence, in the next sections and you will immerse yourself, while you are playing this game. If you are ready to playing the game, let's begin!

After loading the game, enter to the main menu, by clicking on any place of the game. Thereafter, select a section, by using "START GAME" button. If you have never played the game before, only the first section of the game will be opened. If there are any sections that you have played before, you can continue you from where you left. Your purpose in the game is to convey the squares to the only one place. The game is played with "MOUSE". Side by side, over and over you can bring them into the cross direction between the gaps and frames, by clicking left-click.

There is a yellow square, in some sections. You do not have to take this square in order to passing this section. However, if you manage to obtain the green square together with yellow square, you will extra points.

In due course of the game, you can respectively from top to the bottom buttons located in the right corner side of the screen, start the current section from the scratch, can move to the upper menu, and can turn on-off the sounds and music of the game. If there are any sections that you are not able to pass, you can request assists from your friends, by sharing the game on the Facebook. Good luck to you!