Sandwich Fever


We are in presence of you with a great game inspired from Fruit Ninja win a seat, among the legends. You will not notice how the time passes, while the foods are circling in the air, in this game.

After loading the game, enter to the main menu of the game, by using "START" button. If you are playing the game for the first time, use "NEW GAME" button, if you have recorded game previously, in that case use "CONTINUE" button. Thereafter, select a section without loss of time. Your purpose in the game is to cut the foods circling in the air, without touching the harmful substances. The game is played with "MOUSE". To cut the foods, it will be enough to show around the cursor without clicking on any place of the screen.

Let's give you detailed information about the game: You need to exceed the limit of points, before the duration finishes. To cut the foods found in the air collectively and successively, the more points you will earn. Be careful not cut the hazardous substances such as; mouse trap, eel and Molotov. In addition you can make some improvements with points giving to you, at the end of the each section. Here you are for you, some important tips: First of all, complete the "MOUSE CLAWS" development.

In the course of the game, you can turn on-off the sounds of the game, with "SFX" button found in the upper side of the screen; with "SOUND" button, you can use it for the same functions like turning on-off the music of the game. Enough to pause the game and to move to the upper menu of the game, by using "PAUSE" button. Do not forget to pay attention to the duration. Enjoy your staying!