Resort Empire


Would you like to have own your a charming holiday village? You will earn pretty much coins from ice cream to keep the swimming pool in this holiday village in which you can decorate as you please ıf you have a computer with low specifications we recommend you to reduce the graphics quality of the game.

After loading the game, continue you with "PLAY" button. If you are playing the game for the first time, use "NEW GAME" button; if you play the game previously because of your recording it, you will need to use "CONTINUE" button. Thereafter, write your name and then, initiate the game very easily. The game is played with "MOUSE".

Your task in the game is described in the writing article sliding below of the screen. There are two types of surfaces in the game; you can build rooms and similar structures in the concrete floor; however, on the top of the green floor, you can not do it. Try to fulfill all the tasks given to you during the game. And the end of the task that you make, you will be given money, you can develop your holiday village with this money. You can follow the time and the date from the indicator in the left corner side of the screen.

In the course of the game, you can build the rooms and shops you need and can plant the crops, by using the menu found at the left corner side of the screen. To take into service extra room service or cleaning, it is necessary to use the same menu again. You can pause the game, speed up the game flow or can slow down the game. Let's see, how much money you will able to earn during the holiday season? We wish you great success!