Test Subject Arena 2


What do you think of testing yourself on the interesting and enjoyable war areas? In this game you will realize how fast and talented you are.. You also have one player and two players choices. If you're ready let's start!

After the game is loaded, go on with the arrow in the middle of the screen and choose the number of players. You can start just after you determine your game character. The most important point of this game is the characters' qualities. You should choose the most suitable character according to their moving speed, quick fire etc. The controls of players are below;

Moving: "W,A,S,D"
Fire: "Q"

Moving: "ARROW KEYS"
Fire: "Ö"

Let's give you some tips about the game: You can save time and reach your goals earlier by using the gleam portals. Some of the characters can hang on the ceiling and stay there. You can hit them by jumping. Don't forget to pay attention to the time.

During the game you can restart the current chapter by using "R" button and you can pause the game by using "P" button. You can use the button on the upper right-hand corner of the screen for the settings of the music and sound or to turn back to the main menu. Stay with us for the best games, have fun!