Desktop Racing


Would you like to do fast acrobatics at home, on the table by your car? If the answer is yes, this game is for you! Let's start without wasting time!

After the game is loaded go on with "PLAY" button and choose a chapter. If it is the first time for you in this game only the first chapter will be allowed. Just after you choose your chapter you can start the game. The aim of the game is to reach the finish line before time is up. The controls of the game are below:

Jumping: "SPACE-BAR"
Turbo: "Z"

Let's give you some tips about the important points of the game: If you want to pass the next chapter, you need to reach the finish before time is up. Turbo is limited but it will increase naturally. The objects you hit will damage you. You can follow turbo and damage status from the indicator on the top of the screen. By collecting stars you can get more points in the chapter. By turning on 360 angle, you can get 500 points.

During the game, you can pause the game or turn on-off the sounds/music or restart the chapter and turn back to the main menu by "ESC" button. Don't forget to take a look our web address for the best car games. Have fun!