Wheely 2


Now the second version of "Wheely" is with you. In this version you will meet a lot of changes. Our little red car is falling in love with another car in the gallery and chasing her. In this game you will need to use not only your racing qualities but also your intelligence.. If you're ready let's start!

After the game is loaded go on by double click on the "PLAY" button and choose a chapter. If it is the first time in the game for you, you will start with the first chapter automatically. The game is played with "MOUSE". When you click on your car, it will move and the second click will stop it. You can also use the objects in the chapter by clicking on them.

If your car falls into the cliff or it goes into electricity or you damage an object in the chapter badly, the race will fail and you have to start from the beginning. Pay attention to stop your car on the required time.

During the game by using the buttons on the lower right-hand corner of the screen, you can restart the game, turn on or off the sound and music and turn back to the main menu. If you want to play the first version of the game just take a look in our address. For the best car games go on following us. Have fun!