Desktop Racing 2


Now we are in front of you with the new and advanced version of Desktop Racing 2 which is one of the favorite games of race lovers. In this new version there are lots of beautiful changes. If you're ready let's start!

After the game is loaded enter the main menu by clicking on "PLAY" button. Use the same button again and choose an entry slot. After you write your name choose a chapter and start the game. If it is first time for you in this game, only the first chapter will be allowed. The controls of the game are below:

Turbo: "Z" or "X"
Jumping: "SPACEBAR"
Exit: "ESC"

At the beginning of the chapters you will be given 3 missions. You will get extra money for each completed mission. With the money you earned, you can develop or renew your car. You can also get extra turbo and points by turning 360 angles on the air. Pay attention to the marshes in the chapter.

During the game by using "ESC" button you can pause the game, turn on-off the sound and music, restart the chapter and turn back to the main menu. You can give chance to your friends for playing this game by sharing the game on Facebook. Have fun!