F1 Racing Champ


Excitement of Formula is going on! Would you like to take part in this tournament in which there are the world wide famous pilots? If the answer is yes, let's start!

After the game is loaded enter the main menu with "PLAY" button. Then go on with "NEW GAME" button and choose difficulty level. Choose the controls and go on with "NEXT" button. Choose a race circuit, if it is the first time for you in this game, only the first and the second race circuits will be allowed. There are two types of control.

To step on the gas: "W"
To direct: "A,D"
Hand brake: "S"

All movements: "MOUSE"

During the game the most important thing is that your car should be on the way. When you drive out of the way, your car will slow down. You cant drive fast on hairpin bends so slow down. You can follow your points and line with the indicators on the lower of the screen.

The chapters get unlock when you win the race. During the game you can turn on-off the sound and music by using the button shaped like a speaker on the lower right-hand corner of the screen. By using "ESC" button, you can turn back to main menu. Follow us for the best racing games! Have fun!