Let's give you some short information about Origami before you start the game. Origami is the art of folding papers. After folding papers you can get shape of living or lifeless things. Origami is made without cutting or sticking papers. It began in Japan but someone says it is from China. If you are ready let's start folding papers!

After the game is loaded enter the main menu by using "CONTINUE" button. Go on with "PLAY" button and choose a folding type. If it is your first time in this game, you should start at the first part of the game. The game is played by "MOUSE". Click on left and withdraw on the corner-of paper that you want to fold.

To play the next part of the game you have to succeed %80 percent of the game. You can follow the indicator on the upper left right-hand of the screen. Each part has limited move. When you do a wrong move, you can restart with "RESET" button. It is enough to use "SHOW MENU" button to pause the game, turn back to main menu or turn on-off the sound or music. In each part of the game it will be harder to play. Don't give up and trust yourself. Follow us for the best mental games. Wish you success!