Bomb It 5


Bomb It game is going on with its fifth series on  Renewed war maps, new guns and different surprises are waiting for you in Bomb It  5.. In this one player or two players game, adventure is waiting for you.

Game Buttons:
1st Player:
Directing: "Arrow Keys"
Drop a Bomb: "Space"

P.s: If you play one player, you can use W,S,A,D buttons for directioning.
2nd Player:
Directing: "W,S,A,D"
Drop a Bomb: "Enter"

After you choose the part which you want to play, You can decide to play one or two player game by using "Players" section. You can decide the number of levels with "Levels" and decide the map with "Arena". you can choose three different difficulty level from "Difficulty" part such as "Easy, Normal or Hard".