Sport Heads Ice Hockey


We are going on Big Headeds' sport series with "Ice Hockey". The aim is again the same; to score the most goals against to your friend or rival. After the game is opened, click on "Play" button then, to play with your game mate select "2Player" section. You can choose the characters and field type as you want.
In the game green bonus benefits you but red bonus harms you. Yellow bonus may both benefits and harms you.

Game Controls;

If you play one player:
Directing: "ARROW KEYS"
Kick: "SPACE"
If you play two players
1st Player:
Directing: "W,S,A,D"
Kick: "SPACE"

2nd Player:
Directing: "ARROW KEYS"
Kick: "P"
For the best two players game, go on playing on!