Snail Bob 5


Our cute snail Bob is in front of you with a new version of the game now!

In this game your aim is to help him while he is trying to get to his girlfriend. The game is played with "MOUSE". When you first click on Bob, he will stop and he will move when you click on him again. You can direct the game by using the buttons in the section.

One of the most important points of the game is stars. You can get extra points by collecting three stars which are hidden in each section. These stars may stay at a corner in changed colours or they may be hidden in a box with help of a button. You should also pay attention to bee hives and monster plants that want to eat you.

You can turn back to upper menu by using "LEVEL MAP" button or start the current section again by using "RESTART" button. To turn off the sound and music, it is enough to use the buttons on the screen. She snail is waiting for our Bob. It is in your hands to cross them!