Which football game is your favorite game between football games? Let us guess which of one it, probably Sports Heads game series. If we know that, let us give you a great new about sports heads. Here it comes the latest chapter of it which is world championship. Let's begin!

Click on "PLAY" button to proceed next screen. On next screen of the game, you should click on "START" button to proceed main menu. Select the first chapter on "EASY" section. Start the match by pressing on "SPACE-BAR".

Game controls:
Move with "ARROW KEYS"
Kick with "SPACE-BAR" key.

You can restart the current match by clicking on arrow button located on bottom of the game screen. With the next buttons of restart button, you can pause the game or you can mute the game sound by sound icons or you can go back to main menu with "MENU" button.