After Hulk has been loaded, click "Skip" from bottom menu and then click "Start Game" on entry screen. Game has 2 differen modes, Arcade and Challenge. When click "Start Game", game will want you to choose one of them. In arcade mode you have 1 minute limit and you can jump how much you want. Also you must destroy the robots as much as you can. In challenge mode, there isn't a time limit and you have one jumping chance. You earn points for each destroyed robots on one jumping period. Now, choose your mode selection and start the game. Game controls are so easy. Click left mouse button and don't give it up until jumping chart get filled. Then give up and start big jumping! You can navigate Hulk with you mouse in the sky. Your aim is destroying the robots and rise how much you can! If you destroy more than one robot at once time you will make combo and "Double up" bonus gets existed. If you get "Double up", you will get 2x more point until the time chart on Hulk gets empty. When you fall down back there will be seemed the destroyed robots' number. Let's start crushing. (: