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Let's Study
The funniest way to study Mathematic on the Net. Use "Play" button and adjust game type. You have 2 different modes: Increase and Decrease. When you've done your selection you'll meet with your teacher and she will ask your name. Please type your name into the box and click "Ok" button to begin exam. Your teacher will ask you 10 questions in per exam and you will have 10 seconds to answer each one. Type the answer of the question and press "Confirm" button. If you make a mistake, you can use "Clear" button. You can also check your progress from the chart at the top. All controls are provided by "Mouse". Game will be harder in following levels, if you are successful. Now, eat up the Mathmetic in Asgames!
Tic Tac Toe
Tic Tac Toe is ready with 2nd version with newest graphics and effects. The objective of the game is gathering your own colored pieces side by side. Tic Tac Toe game can be played with 2 players. If you choose "Versus Computer" section from options menu you play alone; and if you choose "Player Versus Player" section you can play with your friend. Game is played with only your "Mouse". hopes you'll have fun with this brain game.
Archer Heroes
Archer Heroes are ready for special missions and one on one fights. Join the presentation of our latest 2 player archer game. Archer Heroes game has 3 different modes. Story Mode: If you choose story mode, you'll join a long journey with Archie. At first, you will train yourself in exercise areas and then you will hunt apples, birds and more. After these first chapters, you will encounter with a mysterious man and will start fight with him. This journey will go up to the Kingdom. You'll be a general knight of Kingdom after you rescue the Princess from Shadow. Story mode will have 20 different chapters which are getting harder one by one. Player vs Player: If you want to fight with your friend together, quickly select this section. Assign your archers from 10 different heroes like Archie, Cupenk, Tian, Vincent and others and then select the map. Then start shooting. May the best win. Player vs Computer: If you alone on the computer and there's no one else with you, you can easily struggle against to computer in this mode. Game is so flexible. You can adjust game configurations from "Game Setting" section. For example, you can easily assign "Versus" selection between "1", "3" or "5" options. It's time to meet our super archer heroes. You'll use "Up-Down" arrow keys to adjust direction and "Space" key to shoot. Let's choose your favourite archer and start fighting against to strong opponents. is glad to present you high quality games from its own special series. Have fun!
Typing Tone
Improve your keyboard typing skill with typing tone game. Be ready to start using ten finger. Game will begin as soon as you clicked "Start Game" button. There will be a letter line where the treble clefs appeared. You must press each letter that you see on the line to earn point. Your success chart will be at the top included with hits, false and miss reports. Also you will check your score from left bottom. Each correct letter gives you 25 points. Let's see how many levels you can complete. hopes you have a nice education.
Ski X-Treme
International ski tournament is starting at Asgames. Use "Play Game" button and select your gender. Then type your name and press enter to continue. You will choose your country to join big ski. You'll take a look at your profile at the end of the wizard. When you are ready, click "Go To Arena" button to begin competition. Game has 6 different tracks. You must start with first level to unlock the others. Control your skier with "Arrow Keys" from your keyboard. Pick up all points on your way without doing any fouls on the track. Realize your best ski and win the tournament. We wish you luck.
Shoot The Duck
Our ducks are ready for a funny hunt. Click "Play Game" button from main menu to start the game. Ducks will be coming from the right side of the screen one by one with different colors. You have to shoot and hunt them with your weapon. Check your score from right top, time from left bottom and bullets from right bottom. When you use all bullets, you must reload your charger by clicking on it. Game is played with your "Mouse". You must be fast and careful to catch the ducks. hopes you have fun.
Catch The Fish
Let's meet our newest fish catching game. If you like sea and fish, don't miss this chance to relax. The objective of the game is catching and dropping fish into correct boxes. You'll earn money after you work some and you'll be able to set up some traps to catch them easier. Your time is limited and don't forget to benefit from items that you can buy from the market with your earnt money during the game. When you click "New Game" button you'll see an instructions box. Take a look at there and click "Next" button to take other necessary information about the game. Use your "Mouse" to play. Let's show your fishing ability right now. hopes you have fun.
Check All
Test your intelligence in this unusual brain game. Your aim is converting all boxes into the blue boxes. You'll see that when you click a box, other boxes around it will be converted to opposite color. Click "Start Game" and "Next" buttons to start the game. Use your intelligence well and do right movement. Game is played with your "Mouse". Don't forget, time is limited. You'll gain much point if you finish the game earlier. We wish you luck.
Secret Words
Be ready to show your general culture skill. You'll see a hint at the top of the page and try to find secret words below. There will be a keypad that you must use them to find the words. You have 5 chances to select wrong letters. Click "Play Game" button from menu and take some information about the game in the following screen. Use "Next" button to start the game. Let's see how big culture you have. We hope you have fun.
Arrow Dance
Develope your keyboard using skill with this funny contest. The objective of the game is that you must press correct button from your keyboard that you see on the screen. You must press them in an order and reach 100 percentage for each arrow sign in the field to pass following chapter. You have 3 chances to complete each chapter. Let's see how good progress you can show. wishes you have a nice time.
Piece Of Art
Enjoy with a similar game of our Pixel Art game. The objective of the game is trying to transform mixed pictures into the original image by using free square. Control your intelligence well and place 25 piceces of each art correctly. Time is limited. You can check your remaining time and total moves from right side of the screen. Game is played with your "Mouse". Let's test your self with these 6 nature arts. We wish you luck.
Bugs Buster
Welcome to our own game series. We present you a funny bugs buster game. Your aim is busting the bugs in the area in given time. You can see the time bar from right top. After game has been loaded click "Start" button. You'll the instructions of the game. Click "OK" and see the target of the each level. You're ready for busting. Use your "Mouse" to play. hopes you will have fun.
Classic Sudoku
What do you say to show your ability in Sudoku with our own Classic Sudoku game? Choose the level and start the game and test your skill. hopes you will success.
Death Crystal
Say hello to our Death Crystal game. You must show your keyboard using ability to wipe the crystals out in this exciting game. You've several levels to play. Pass one-by-one. After you click "Start Game" button choose game type that you want to play. If everything is ready; game will be loaded. Use "Arrow Keys" from your keyboard to control the game. Good luck.
Destruction Of The Planets
One of the best games of our own series Destruction of the Planet is with you. Soldiers were created, planes were prepared, command was given; there's one thing left: Beginning of the War. Control your war plane and destroy all enemies in the area. You must clear the ground and pass to other chapters. Everything is in your hand. hopes you will success.
Drop Block
An usual funny game in our series Drop Block is ready to meet you. Your aim in this game is dropping down the block by getting your mouse over them. Your time is limited; you'll follow it from left bottom. You'll see your time limit at the beginning of each chapter. We hope you will have fun.
We're announcing one of our special game series Goalkeeper with two player version. Now, you can live this rollicking football match with your friends together. Click "Play Game" button from game menu and select game mode: "VS Computer" or "VS Player". Then select your favourite national teams from 16 countries. Player 1 uses "A,S,D" keys and Player 2 uses "J,K,L" keys for controlling own goalkeeper. Scoreboard and time table will be existed at the bottom of the screen. May the best win! Enjoy with Asgames's special game series.
High Speed
Speeding had not been so hard like this. You're the driver of the car and you must finish the race without getting damaged your car and also overtaking the others. You're starting in 50th line and your work is being seemed very hard. Check your position, speed, car damage status and more from the indicators in the screen. Game has different levelts. Pass the chapters one by one. We hope you will have fun with this high speed racing game.
Just Click
Welcome to Just Click game. Your aim in this unusual game is clicking the numbers with right order. You'll see the instructions and levels at the beginning of the game. Use your "Mouse" to play this funny game. hopes you will enjoy.
Penalty Kick
You're meeting one of the world's best penalty kicking games in our own game series. After game has been loaded click "Play Game" and chooes game type. You can create a Tournament or play a friendly match quickly. Assign your team, your uniform and see the instructions. Then wait for a while to game's preparing the tournaments. After all you'll start an exciting penalty kicks. Let's see who is the best in football. hopes you will have fun with this funny game.

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