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Flappy Birdies

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Let's see who is the bigger fan of Flappy bird? Okay, you found that game little bit annoying. But we have a great game styled as Flappy Bird game named as Flappy Birdies and it has some differences from the normal version of the game. It has two player game mode besides single player game mode. You can participate this cool game with your buddy. Let's get started!

To play as single, click on "1 PLAYER" button and to play as twosome, click on "2 PLAYER" button.

Game controls are the following:
Single player game mode's controls:

Two player game mode's controls:
1st Player:

2nd Player:

To give a start on single player game mode, you need to click on game screen or press "SPACE-BAR". On twosome game mode, you can begin flying after three seconds. You can make a quick start after you fail by pressing on "SPACE-BAR" key.

Have fun!

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